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Personalized recovery and transitional care programs

Age comes with its own hurdles in regards to health, and Aqua Home Care in The Villages, FL is here to help. When an elderly patient is hospitalized for a medical procedure, illness, or injury, their recovery can be lengthy and painful. If you or your loved one has recently received hospital treatment, Aqua Home Care in Vero Beach offers Post-Hospitalization and Post-Surgical care with our signature in-home care services promoting a faster recovery for seniors in the comfort of their homes. After being discharged from the hospital, 35% of seniors are readmitted after only 90 days. For seniors, post-hospitalization readmission is usually a result of not following doctor’s recommendations, medication instructions, or a poor recovery environment. Aqua Home Care provides specialized in-home care services tailored to meet the post-hospitalization needs of individual patients in recovery. Vero Beach is a thriving community, and our seniors shouldn’t have to enjoy it from within a hospital. Our objective is to empower those returning home to stay home for as long as possible. Our goal is to reduce or prevent ER visits and re-hospitalizations and to increase the overall outcomes, support, and satisfaction of our clients. Properly recovering from hospitalization is a crucial step in ensuring a speedy recovery.

At Aqua, we understand how difficult it can be to ask the right questions and arrange for all the care and resources that are needed for recovery post-hospialization. With our help, we can get you the extra help you need so that you can relax, recover, and get some rest. Some of these services could include but are not limited to providing 1 hour to 24-hour care 7 days a week, help with activities such as meal prep, house cleaning, laundry, errand running, and assistance with personal care activities such as bathing, dressing, mobility, and toileting. Our Caregivers and staff are warm, compassionate, and caring with experience and training to provide quality post hospitalization and post operational care to our clients. No family should experience the stresses of aging without the needed information to make the best decision. Our skilled team members are dedicated to providing compassion, dedication, professionalism, and advice to give the reassurance we all need when helping our loved ones. Contact us today to start the conversation on how our core values and philosophy of care can help you and your family post- hospitalization.

Your dedicated Area Manager will meet in person to help determine what level of care and/or supervision may be required and refer a care provider capable of meeting their needs. Continuity of care is a major area of focus when assisting clients with dementia. Our team makes every effort to introduce care providers to ensure your loved one, as well as the care provider(s), are compatible and comfortable working together. We believe that family is more than kin. That is why we don’t just treat our individuals and their loved ones like family, they are our family. Focusing on each client’s personal needs, we provide holistic, dependable, and individualized care that helps them live with purpose. And we do it all with compassion, kindness, and primarily, love.

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Yes, all care providers must pass a Level 2 Background Screening (requires fingerprinting). Aqua Home Care ensures care providers have met all state requirements prior to being registered and referred to clients. Once registered, they must maintain all credentials in order to remain active with the Nurse Registry.

Yes, we work with all Long Term Care Insurance companies. Aqua Home Care assists clients and family members throughout the entire Long Term Care (LTC) claims process. This includes checking policy benefits, submitting care logs, invoices and other required documentation to help expedite reimbursement for services.

Yes, Aqua Home Care is a Florida licensed Nurse Registry and is bonded and insured. Additionally, referred care providers carry individual professional liability policies and must meet all credentialing requirements set forth by the state.

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Patty Hall
The Villages
Dawn did a great job helping us with this home care. She was always available when you needed anything. I would use this service
Susan Higgins
The Villages
We were extremely pleased with how well Jim’s care was organized by Evelyn. He absolutely received the best of care from Guertha and Fran.
Leslie Lutz
The Villages
I would highly recommend Aqua Homecare to anyone who needs assistance with themselves or a family member. Chelsea the regional manager came to my
Joe Polonsky
The Villages
From the very initial meeting with Aqua, to the amazing ongoing care with Elvita that is now 5 months, the quality of service has
Ron Hines
The Villages
The service and the care that we’ve gotten from Brian has been far above anything else we’ve had in the almost 2 years of
Marilyn Wheeldon
The Villages
This is my first experience with private duty nursing and it has been awesome. Mike and his team are beautiful to work with. They
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